Sean Foy

How to maximize your energy and productivity!(Part 2)


Please answer the following questions to determine how much energy is being drained from your life:

1. Do you frequently eat foods that are unhealthy and do not replenish and restore your body?
2. Are you regularly inactive?
3. Do you neglect to take your supplements regularly?
4. Do you frequently eat less than 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily?
5. Do you regularly skip meals?
6. Do you receive adequate rest and relaxation?
7. Do you frequently overeat?

1. Do you have emotional needs that frequently go unmet?
2. Do you lack personal interests that are intellectually stimulating?
3. Do you regularly talk negatively to yourself?
4. Do you set unrealistic expectations of yourself?
5. Do you regularly find yourself having emotional outbursts?
6. Are you frequently too busy?
7. Are you frequently dealing with clutter and are disorganized?

Heart and Soul:
1. Do you lack fulfilling relationships?
2. Do you have unresolved conflict with others? At work, home or elsewhere?
3. Do you lack a spiritual or religious practice in your life?
4. Do you lack meaning and purpose in your life?
5. Do you lack adventure and fun in your life?
6. Are you in a relationship that compromises your values?
7. Do you have un-forgiveness towards another?

Now, award yourself 1 point for each item answered “yes”. As you look at your scores, what are the areas of your life that you see the most energy drained? Notice the areas of you life that gets the majority of your attention, what robs your energy?

Becoming aware of where our energy is going can be very revealing. Now that you are aware of what drains you, what are the things in your life that restore you energy. I would like you to make a top 10 list of the things in your life that fill you! What builds you up? What makes you feel energetic, vibrant and healthy? What makes you feel whole and alive? Maybe it is talking with a close friend, laughing, going for a walk, eating healthy, or reading.

Take some time this week to think about your life, physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually, list your top 10 energizers:


I would encourage you to take some time this week to make a number of copies of your top 10 energizers and put them in your office, in your car and on your refrigerator.

Begin to ask yourself what energizing activities have you been neglecting? Determine this week to begin to choose at least one activity that will build into your life, and restore your energy levels and also choose one energy robber and eliminate from your life this week! See what happens to your energy levels!

As you begin to take care of the things that rob your energy, you’ll immediately feel an increase in your daily energy level. You’ll have more precious energy for the activities and priorities that truly build, restore and replenish your health and life!

I have found for most people, to improve and enhance one’s productivity and health, requires removing some things from their lives…taking seriously what drains you and ruthlessly eliminating these things from their lives. As we do this we make space, or what is called margin…getting rid of some things that drain us allows us the energy and the time to consider what is truly fulfilling and life enhancing!

So this week, consider what drains you, what takes from your life? What robs your energy and your vitality? Also, consider what enhances you energy levels? What makes you feel whole and alive? Write them down….put them in front of you this week. Take some time to consider these items and next week we will look specifically at what we fuel our bodies with!

Till next time everyone, have a wonderful and energetic week!

Let us know how we can assist you in reaching your desired health and wellness goals!

Remember to Win the Day!
Coach Sean